产品概述 Product Introduction

LYSC浪涌后备保护器是一款专门开发的为SPD提供完美后备保护解决方案的产品。该产品解决 了用断路器或熔断器作为SPD后备保护时存在安全隐患的问题。



LYSCB surge protection device is a specially devetoped for the SPD provide theperfect back-up protection solution products. The product solves the problem thatthe user circuit breaker or the fuse has the potential safety hazard when acting as SPD back-up protection. LYSCB is suitable for the power supply system of TT, TN and so on under 50/60Hz, 400V, with lightning current passing without false trip; Short circuit when the current cut off quickly; residual impulse current low voltagecharacteristics. Products is in compliance with GB18802.1-2011 and IEC61643-11-2011 standards.